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About Us

Ecoforum is a non-denominational, non-doctrinal, borderless & non-demarcation movement derivative from the Holy Scriptures. Our verbiage is influenced by the scriptural references from the ancient genus constitution or book of Law called the ‘Bible’. Our parentela is characterized from sage such in the Bible, like Joseph, Daniel, Nehemiah, Esther, David & Paul whose prophetic governance influenced the Kings and Queens of this world. We cannot shun away from this truth, for this are stories that took place on earth, in-scripted on stones for our admonition and referendum in case of nation building.

Ecoforum is a Five-Fold Ascension graces leadership designation. Almighty God gave some to be Kings, Priests & Prophets (not Presidents). This were to be totally consecrated and dependent to the Creator and His voice. He who does not the will of the Father was vindicated or dethroned (not Voted) and another was chosen. We believe that a choice vine with fresh insight, restrained by the Creator for such a time as thus, is to be presented in our time.

No wonder almost all Presidents are sworn into office by the use of the Bible, the authority and help by the Almighty God, said “O, help me LORD”. And all judicial procedures are subjected to the sworn in by use of “O, help me LORD”. And lastly the Parliament is being subjected to prayer afore its business (so called Meditation). This enlightens us that the ‘Doctrine of Separation of Powers’ is a godly structure depicted from the scriptures without lawfully quoting the Holy Scriptures (Isaiah 33:22).

• For the Lord is our Judge — Judicial / Courts
• For the Lord is our Lawgiver — Constitution / Legislature
• For the Lord is our King — President / Cabinet

Ecoforum is a tripartite party consists of three embers:
a) Economic Emancipation Forum, abbrv. ECOFORUM – The ‘Political Party’.
b) Ecoforum Trade Union of Southern Africa, abbrv. ETUSA – The ‘Trade Union’.
c) Ecoforum Financial Trust, abbrv. EFT – The ‘Trust’.

Our approach is theocratic and economical. Our values and principles are derivative from biblical context of the economic conditions of the state of our land. “A land flowing milk & honey.” Interpretation: Literally there is no land that can flow “Milk neither Honey” basically this needs a tested philosophical interpretation. It is only an Ox / Cow that models the production of Milk, so, one need to learn the attribute of an Ox / Cow as a domestic governor of animal kingdom; its strength, servitude or servanthood and governance. Its milk for cheese, meat for steaks, horns for trumpets and adornment trumpet, etc. Honey has a dual meaning; sweetness of the Word and bribery. So, only scriptures can defy and expose corruption, into building a leadership that fears the LORD.


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